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A Letter to Educators From Salma Hayek

Dear Educator,

The first time I ever saw the book The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran, I was not even six years old. My Lebanese grandfather kept it by his bedside. I was too young to read it, but I understood that it was a little treasure for him. It wasn’t until my teens that I actually experienced its beauty and power. And, for many years I have continued to do so because every time I read it, I experience it in a completely different way. It magically takes my mind to new places that I thought I already knew.

To celebrate Kahlil Gibran’s writing, I have helped create an animated film inspired by The Prophet that can visually and musically take your students—and you—on an adventure into his poetry and wisdom. My hope is that your students’ minds will wander to their own lives during the film, as viewers reflect on the subjects that speak to them and where they find themselves.

Also, to help you make the most of the film’s and book’s wealth of learning opportunities, a free, 110-page Curriculum Guide is available to download. Within this interdisciplinary guide, you will find one-of-a-kind, standards-based lessons designed to help you conduct engaging classroom discussions while promoting all-important critical thinking skills.

So, on behalf of everyone involved in making this film, we invite you, your students, and their families to explore the film and the book, and to discover for yourself the joy of Kahlil Gibran’s world.