You can broaden your audiences and create powerful learning experiences for hundreds of thousands of students who might not otherwise see your film. Help raise a new generation of film-lovers!

Journeys in Film offers the film community the opportunity to reach an untapped market with an innovative approach to bringing films into the classroom.  Educators understand the importance of our program and, now, we need the recognition and support from the film industry to be able to make a measurable impact on the future of using film to teach the most visually literate generation in history.

 We believe many films can be a transformative educational resource to facilitate community dialogue and inspire proactive learning for youth, parents, and educators who desire to advocate for important causes. Educators crave resources to address the inequities present in our society, especially those that affect inequalities in education.

We seek films which can inspire young people::

  • to broaden their perspectives

  • to imagine

  • to engage

  • to reach higher

  • to think critically

  • to practice empathy
  • to question 

Journeys in Film partners with producers, directors, production companies, and studios to create interdisciplinary core curriculum guides based on narrative and documentary films for educators, parents, and community youth groups. All of our resources are provided free of charge to the public and are accessible via our website (non-exclusive).

We promote each new film-based curriculum guide through our website, online advertising, extensive email list, and social media.

Our intent is to be instrumental in helping to shape a national plan for film education that is comprehensive and deliberate.   We want to move film education forward from a series of disconnected experiences to an integral part of every young person’s life. The strategy set out in Film: 21st Century Literacy is the first step on the road.

Please contact us to discuss giving your film an “educational life”!


The film industry is changing

The film industry is undergoing rapid changes in the ways it delivers content to its viewers. It is easier now than ever before for teachers to access films for classroom teaching.  Filmmakers are able to broaden their audiences for years, for films that have the potential to provoke thoughtful discussions of universal, timeless topics that can be translated into powerful learning experiences. 


Education is changing

At the same time, there is a surge of interest in teaching with new media and digital platforms, including film.  Forward thinking leaders in education are supporting innovation in teaching methods and professional development services for their teachers.  


Film education is just beginning 

The key to using films for education is the quality of the lesson plans and discussions that follow after the lights go on.  Journeys in Film has developed an innovative and interdisciplinary template to use film as an intellectual framework for teaching core academics in America’s schools.

We use film as springboards for developing interdisciplinary lesson plans in subjects ranging from math, science, language arts and social studies to topics that are critical for students to learn more about—like environmental sustainability, poverty, hunger, global health, and immigration.


Teacher effectiveness is critical to student achievement

Although many teachers have shown movies in their classrooms, not many have been trained to teach with and about film.  Journeys in Film provides teachers with the resources and expertise to introduce film into their teaching with our prepared curricula, through customized professional development  workshops. We not only provide teachers with comprehensive training, but also with creative ways of infusing a global perspective into their teaching. 

Just as we take for granted our responsibility to help children to read and write, -we should take for granted the responsibility to help children and young adults to use, enjoy, and understand moving images; they should become both technically capable and culturally literate.

Interested in partnering with us? Let’s talk!

The Amazon Aid Foundation is honored to partner with Journey’s in Film to produce the curriculum around our film “River of Gold.” Journey’s in Film’s expertise to develop an interactive standards-based curriculum has been a powerful and critical tool for Amazon Aid to engage students worldwide to learn about the Amazon Rainforest and take action to protect it.

-Sarah duPont

Founder and President Amazon Aid Foundation