Professional Development

Although many teachers have used film in their classrooms, not many have been trained to teach with and about film.

It is the first thing they say when they walk into Professional Development workshops.  When middle and high school teachers look for models for the effective use of films in classrooms, the choices are slim, and what is available is of uneven quality.  Teaching is most effective when the curricular materials are specifically designed for in-classroom use; when the lessons are keyed to mandated standards; when teachers are trained to use films in the classroom via professional development workshops, and; when there is a consistency of materials, approach and training from one film to another.

Our workshops show:
  • How to infuse a global perspective into the classroom with practical applications
  • How to use film as a tool to engage students in active learning
  • How to make math, science, social studies, and visual arts lessons come alive with film
  • How to create strategies to increase parental and community involvement
Our workshops are customized for your school’s needs:
  • Focus on specific disciplines (math, science, social studies, English, the arts)
  • After-school and summer-school programs
  • Administrative strategies for school and district-wide integration
  • Team planning for actual program implementation

Our workshops can be organized in different ways:

  • Your school can co-host a workshop, bringing together participants from other local educational institutions – public, charter and independent. This enhances cohesive, cross-district learning while reducing costs to each participating institution.
  • Your school can engage local businesses and community organizations who wish to support youth development, the arts or education
  • You may consider using Title II Professional Development dollars.

Participants return to their schools from our workshops armed with superior teaching tools to share with fellow educators, thereby injecting global perspectives into other classrooms. Year after year, more and more students gain global understanding as teachers discover and share new ways to expand the reach of the program.

Would you like us to partner with you for educational engagement or professional development?  Contact us!