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Liam Neeson Presents the Schindler's List
25th Anniversary Curriculum for Educators

I hope this curriculum guide will help you share with your students a meaningful understanding of the complicated man who was Oskar Schindler. I hope it will instill a vital determination to wipe out prejudice and racism wherever it is found so that genocides like the Holocaust can never occur again. I am asking teachers to please teach this story in schools. That’s the most immediate and important thing you can do so that our next generation will grow to be the citizens we want them to be, the citizens we need to protect our democracy. Sincerely, Liam

SAWALife and Journeys in Film
Bring Queen of Katwe to Kibera, Kenya

In April 2019, the Nourafchan Foundation and SAWA Life in partnership with Journeys in Film launched the Nour Film Club in Africa.  The inaugural film was “Queen of Katwe” aptly starring Kenya’s own Lupita Nyong’o, the first Kenyan to win an Academy Award. Over 400 students, ranging from ages 11-20, came to participate from schools in and around Kibera.  The event was a resounding success with many of the kids having stated how inspired and hopeful they felt after watching a movie that resonated so closely with their lives. Many felt that they, too, like the young Ugandan girl in the film, may escape a life of poverty, open doors to a brighter future, and transform their own communities into a better place.

SAWALife and Journeys in Film
Bring The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
to Kibera, Kenya
No human is limited.

In November 2019, the Nourafchan Foundation and SAWA Life in partnership with Journeys in Film screened “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” at the Kenya National Library Branch in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. We hope to raise more awareness and funds so that we may continue hosting the film events in schools and libraries throughout the year and in various parts of the country, effecting change through film.

What Are
Prejudice, Stereotyping And Discrimination?

Anti-Semitism, or hostility toward the Jewish people, is current and widespread. The oppression of minorities is not a modern phenomenon. Actor Tony Shalhoub joins Journeys in Film to explore the roots of prejudice (intolerance of other people or groups), stereotyping (a fixed or oversimplified idea of other individuals or groups), and discrimination (acting on one’s prejudice), across cultures. Journeys in Film believes where there is understanding, there is tolerance. And where there is tolerance, there is unity and strength. Why do you think prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination exist today? What can you do to foster understanding and tolerance?

Are You
A Bystander Or An Upstander?

If you noticed someone being harassed in your community because others perceived them as different, would you walk on by, or do something about it? Honoring the 25th anniversary of Schindler’s List, Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning actor and Journeys in Film national advisory board member Tony Shalhoub tells the story of how men, women and children of the Jewish faith were oppressed and discriminated against in Nazi-occupied Europe under Hitler’s racist rule and offers guidance on how you can show up as an upstander today.