River of Gold

This documentary chronicles the clandestine journey of two war journalists and their guide into Peru’s Amazon rainforest to uncover the savage destruction of pristine jungle in pursuit of illegally mined gold. The film makes clear the consequences of this devastation on a global scale. Magnificent photography of plants, animals, and people inspires audiences to engage in solutions to protect the Amazon.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: The Hydrological Cycle (Geography, Environmental Science, Biology)
Lesson 2: Introduction to the Amazon Region (Geography, Environmental Science)
Lesson 3: Rainforest Ecology (Biology, Environmental Science)
Lesson 4: The Biodiversity of the Amazon Region (Biology, Environmental Science, Geography)
Lesson 5: Indigenous Amazonia (Geography, Anthropology, World History)
Lesson 6: Satellite Technology and the Rainforest (Biology, Environmental Science, Computer Science)
Lesson 7: Extractive Industries and Environmental Costs (Environmental Science, Economics, English Language Arts)
Lesson 8: Faces of Activism (Environmental Science, Social Studies)
Lesson 9: Smartphone Photojournalism (Photography, Social Studies)
Lesson 10: The Market for Gold (Economics, Social Studies)
Lesson 11: Next Steps: What Can We Do? (Economics, Social Studies, Community Service Learning)

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