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Landfill Harmonic

Landfill Harmonic follows the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a Paraguayan musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of garbage. When their story goes viral, the orchestra is catapulted into the global spotlight and must navigate a strange new world of arenas and sold-out concerts. When a natural disaster strikes their community, they must find a way to keep the orchestra intact and provide hope for their town. The film testifies to the transformative power of music and the resilience of the human spirit.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: The Recycled Orchestra (Music, Language Arts, Social Studies)
Lesson 2: The Environmental Crisis (Environmental Science)
Lesson 3: Planting a Small Seed, Watching It Grow (Community Service)
Lesson 4: Landfill Harmonic (Elementary Level) (Music, Language Arts, Science)

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