From The Ashes

As the debate rages about the environmental and economic impact of coal, From the Ashes presents the voices of the people most concerned with the coal industry: environmentalists, climate scientists, politicians, economists, and especially the coal miners and other residents of decaying coal towns. The viewer learns about the multiple impacts of coal mining on our health, our economy, and our climate.


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Product Description

Film runtime: 1 hour, 22 minutes

Film rating: PG. Appropriate for Grades 4+. Best for Grades 7+.

Discussion Guide

A Statement From Director Michael Bonfiglio
A History of Coal
Shifting Energy Trends
Coal and Public Health
Coal and the Environment
Environmental Law and the ‘War on Coal’
Energy Alternatives and Future Considerations
The Public’s Role
A Call to Action: From the Ashes CrowdRise Initiative
A Call to Action: The Sierra Club
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Sustainable Development Goals

Journeys in Film supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

This curriculum guide connects to the following United Nations SDGs. Learn more about teaching with SDGs:

Bright yellow background. 7 in white in upper left hand corner. Affordable and clean energy beside the number. A white sun with a power button on it is the key art in the image.Golden yellow background color. 11 in white in the upper left hand corner. Sustainable Cities and Communities next to the number. White icons of various buildings is the center art on the yellow background. Dark green background color. 13 in the upper left hand corner. Climate Action beside that. Central image on the green background is a white eyeball with what looks like the earth inside of it.

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