Finding Pride

Many It Gets Better videos follow the story of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. The videos begin with a hero (e.g., celebrities, politicians, or everyday people) confronting a crisis such as questioning their gender identity, deciding whether to come out to family and friends, or experiencing intense discrimination. However complex and seemingly insurmountable the crisis, the hero emerges, coming out, finding a community that supports and loves them, and learning to embrace their authentic selves.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: Pride and Coming Out
Lesson 2: Pride and Community
Lesson 3: Pride and Race
Lesson 4: Pride and Gender
Lesson 5: Pride and Faith
Lesson 6: Pride and Family

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Journeys in Film supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

This curriculum guide connects to the following United Nations SDGs. Learn more about teaching with SDGs:

Red orange background. Number five upper left hand corner. Gender Equality, white, beside the number. Main image on the orange background is a symbol that combines the man symbol and woman symbol with equal marks inside the circle part of the symbol. Magenta background. 10 in the left-hand corner. Reduced Inequalities beside the number. Central image on the magenta background is a not quite complete circle with equal marks inside.

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