Defiant Requiem

Rafael Schächter, a brilliant Czech conductor, was arrested and sent to the concentration camp of Theresienstadt (Terezin) in 1941. This documentary explores a unique chapter in Holocaust history when prisoners used music and the arts to sustain their spirits and resist Nazi oppression of the. Soaring concert footage, survivor recollections, cinematic dramatizations, and animation bring this story to life.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: Music and Music History | Verdi and His Requiem
Lesson 2: World History (European History) | The Jewish Community of Prague
Lesson 3: Film Viewing Lesson | The Viewer-Response Journal
Lesson 4: World History (European History) | Terezin
Lesson 5: Psychology | Art and Suffering
Lesson 6: Political Science (Government) | Propaganda
Lesson 7: Visual Literacy | Cinematic Collage
Lesson 8: English Language Arts | Writing a Film Review

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