Big Sonia

Teenage Sonia Warshawski was living in Poland when the German army invaded. Her father and brother were shot, her sister disappeared; she and her mother became slave laborers and were finally deported to a death camp. Now in her nineties, Sonia is a vibrant woman who speaks to students and prison inmates about her story of unimaginable suffering, but also of hope, of resilience, and of a refusal to hate.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1:  An Introduction to the Holocaust in Poland (Social Studies)
Lesson 2: Getting to Know the Real Sonia (English Language Arts, Film Literacy)
Lesson 3: Learning from the Past: An Oral History Assignment (Social Studies, English Language Arts)
Lesson 4: Viewing a Documentary Film (Social Studies, Film Literacy)
Lesson 5: Maladaptive Stress Response and Intergenerational Trauma (Psychology, Human Development)

The Glossary of Film Terms linked below is a valuable resource to use with the Film Literacy lessons that are part of this curriculum guide.

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