National Geographic’s The Race Issue: America Inside Out

Race affects the everyday lives of all students in this country; it is at the heart of human identity, human conflict, and human healing. As educators, we can facilitate safe, open conversations, and move young people toward a better future. Through multiple sources, varying perspectives, and the analysis of facts, we must provide opportunities for students to learn, address our own implicit biases, and allow for deeper thought and cross-cultural understanding to emerge.


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Dedication Message
A Note to Educators
A Color Wheel of Humanity
A Place of Their Own
The Things That Divide Us
Streets in His Name
The Muslim Next Door
Skin Deep
The Many Colors of Matrimony
The Stop
The Rising Anxiety of White America
Re-Righting History
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Magenta background. 10 in the left-hand corner. Reduced Inequalities beside the number. Central image on the magenta background is a not quite complete circle with equal marks inside.

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