The Way Home

Little Sang-woo doesn’t want to leave Seoul to live with his mute grandmother in the countryside, but his mother leaves him there while she looks for a new job. Fractious and ill-mannered, Sang-woo ignores and taunts his grandmother. When she won’t buy batteries for his toy, he even steals from her. But over time, and in the face of her unquestioning love, he learns to admire and respect her.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: The Republic of Korea (Social Studies)
Lesson 2: Silent Speech (General Cross-Cultural Understanding)
Lesson 3: Viewing The Way Home (Media Literacy)
Lesson 4: Protagonist-Antagonist (Visual Literacy)
Lesson 5: Confucian Values (Social Studies, Language Arts)
Lesson 6: Juxtaposition (Media Literacy)
Lesson 7: At Home in Korea (Film-Specific Cross-Cultural Understanding)
Lesson 8: The Trade Game (Social Studies, Economics)
Lesson 9: Using Graphs (Mathematics)
Lesson 10: How We Produce Sound (Science)
Lesson 11: Korean Fighter Shield Kites (Visual Arts)

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