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Whale Rider

A Maori village faces a crisis when the heir to the chiefdom dies at birth and is survived only by his twin sister, Pai. Disregarded by her grandfather, twelve-year-old Pai remains certain of her calling and trains herself in the ways and customs of her people. With remarkable grace and courage, she summons the strength to challenge and embrace a thousand years of tradition in order to fulfill her destiny.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: Who are the Maori (Social Studies)
Lesson 2: Viewing Whale Rider (Media Literacy)
Lesson 3: The World Outside, The Spirit Within (Social Studies)
Lesson 4: Maori Roles and Relationships (Language Arts / Visual Literacy)
Lesson 5: Insights Into Maori Culture (Film Specific Cross-Cultural Understanding)
Lesson 6: Culture and Gender (General Cross-Cultural Understanding)
Lesson 7: Special Effects and Music (Media Literacy)
Lesson 8: Echolocation (Science)
Lesson 9: Counting the Uncountable (Mathematics)
Lesson 10: Markings of the Maori (Visual Arts)

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