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Greener Pastures provides an intimate window into the lives of four multigenerational farming families as they navigate the stressors that have contributed to farming having one of the highest rates of suicide of any U.S. occupation. This award-winning documentary tells an underdog story of perseverance and determination that tackles nothing less than the future of farming in America.


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Product Description

Greener Pastures now available free on PBS

Greener Pastures is available to watch online through PBS Independent Lens or on the free PBS App.

Film runtime: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Film rating: No MPAA rating. Best for Grades 6+. Includes reference to mental health struggles.

About the Discussion Guide

Our Discussion Guide for Greener Pastures features:

  • Introduction to the Film
  • Director’s Statement
  • Navigating the Space Between What We Cannot Control and What We Can (on hardship, copying strategies and resilience)
  • Back to Our Roots (on family traditions)
  • Deep Connections: Soil and Food
  • Connecting the Dots: Health
  • Moving Beyond a Rock and a Hard Place: Community Action and Engagement

The Greener Pastures Discussion Guide is for upper middle school, high school, higher education and public screenings.

It is also a film and guide combination we recommend for public film screening events.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Journeys in Film supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.This curriculum guide connects to the following United Nations SDGs. Learn more about teaching with SDGs.

Mustard yellow background. 2 in the upper left hand corner. Zero Hunger next to the number. Primary art is a white bowl with steam rising out of it. Kelly green. White number 3 in the upper left hand side. Text beside it reads Good Health and Well-Being. White art below showing a jagged line and a heart. Burgundy red with a white eight in the upper left hand corner. Text beside the 8 reads: Decent Work and Economic Growth. Central image is a bar graph with a jagged arrow above eventually pointing upward. Dark mustard background with a white 12 in the upper left hand corner. Text beside the number reads: Responsible Consumption and Production. Central image, in white, is a figure eight formed by an arrow.

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