Gender Revolution

In both daily life and political discourse, gender has become an increasingly frequent topic. The special edition of National Geographic magazine, Gender Revolution, and the documentary film of the same name are efforts to allay confusion and misinformation; they provide a wealth of facts, images, and ideas about gender and how it is expressed in our contemporary world.


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Product Description

Film runtime: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Film rating: Not rated. Common Sense Media rates this film as appropriate for ages 12+.

Discussion Guide

We Are in the Midst of a Gender Revolution
Understanding Yourself to Understand Gender
Gender Identity and Gender Expression: A Primer
What Science Tells Us About Gender
Shaping Gender in Childhood
Talking With Your Children About Gender
Helping Families Talk About Gender (from National Geographic Special Edition)
Gender and the Larger Culture Danger and Discrimination for Girls Around the World
Journeys in Film: Gender Revolution Next Steps
Additional Resources

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Red orange background. Number five upper left hand corner. Gender Equality, white, beside the number. Main image on the orange background is a symbol that combines the man symbol and woman symbol with equal marks inside the circle part of the symbol.

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