Safe Place

Although experiencing a lifelong battle with pain and trauma, Jerod Draper lived an average, normal life in Southern Indiana. In high school, he experienced devastating loss. To cope, Jerod started experimenting with drugs. Throughout his 20s and 30s, Jerod worked to fight for sobriety while marrying and having a daughter. Following his divorce and being unable to see his daughter due to substance abuse, Jerod made a vow to stay clean. On October 4th, 2018, Jerod endured a fatal night of torture after being arrested for a routine traffic stop.


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The short film, Safe Place, is streaming for free on Youtube:

This short film includes graphic and difficult content, including Draper’s death and violence against him. He is also partially nude in various shots. This film is appropriate for mature audiences. The introduction to the film in our discussion guide includes guidance and insight for viewing this film responsibly and thoughtfully. We invite you to approach this film with care and to do so using this free resource as an important tool to guide engagement with this film and the topics it explores.

Film runtime: 20 minutes

Film rating: Not rated, but is for mature audiences. We recommend this film for adult learning groups, college students, etc.

Discussion Guide

Facilitation Guidelines
Jerod Draper: A Life Cut Short
An Introduction to the Film
Director’s Statement
Criminal Justice Reform: Improvement and Changes
Law Enforcement Officers and Other Jail Staff: Training and Accountability
Trauma, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Challenges
What Is a Safe Place?
What Can You Do? Community Action and Engagement

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