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Dying To Tell The Story

This documentary studies the motivations of journalists dedicated enough to risk their lives for a story. Amy Eldon searches for meaning in the death of her older brother, Reuters photographer Dan Eldon, one of five journalists attacked by a mob during the Somali famine in 1993. In the film, she interviews other journalists and the sole surviving witness to Dan’s death and considers the importance of journalism.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: Characterizing a Legacy (English Language Arts, Visual Literacy)
Lesson 2: Making an Illustrated Journal (Visual Arts)
Lesson 3: Photojournalism as a Career (Career Studies)
Lesson 4: Somalia: A Case Study (World History)
Lesson 5: Bosnia: A Case Study (World History)
Lesson 6: A Hungry Planet (Economics)
Lesson 7: What is PTSD? (Social Studies, Health, Psychology)
Lesson 8: Photographs That Changed History (Social Studies, Photography)

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