The Journey Is the Destination

Dan Eldon heads to a famine-ridden region in Africa, where he hopes to document the struggle and heartbreak of those experiencing the war-torn conditions. The photojournalist leaves behind his comfortable life in London. This narrative film follows Dan’s life story.


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Product Description

Originally designed to correspond with the documentary film about Dan Eldon’s life, Dying to Tell the Story, available on Youtube, this curriculum guide would correspond equally well with The Journey is the Destination, a narrative film that tells the powerful story of Dan Eldon’s life.

Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: Characterizing a Legacy (English Language Arts, Visual Literacy)
Lesson 2: Making an Illustrated Journal (Visual Arts)
Lesson 3: Photojournalism as a Career (Career Studies)
Lesson 4: Somalia: A Case Study (World History)
Lesson 5: Bosnia: A Case Study (World History)
Lesson 6: A Hungry Planet (Economics)
Lesson 7: What is PTSD? (Social Studies, Health, Psychology)
Lesson 8: Photographs That Changed History (Social Studies, Photography)

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