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The Prophet

Poet and artist Mustafa continues his writing and painting under house arrest for many years. His housekeeper’s troubled, silent young daughter Almitra forms an unlikely friendship with him. When the authoritarian government orders him into exile, she trails along. On the way, Mustafa passes by a village wedding, an outdoor café, and a marketplace and at each place, shares his wisdom with the townspeople.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: Who Was Kahlil Gibran? (Art History, Philosophy, Social Studies, English Language Arts)
Lesson 2: The Art of Kahlil Gibran (Art, Art History)
Lesson 3: On Freedom (English Language Arts)
Lesson 4: On Children (English Language Arts)
Lesson 5: On Marriage (English Language Arts)
Lesson 6: On Work (English Language Arts)
Lesson 7: On Eating and Drinking (English Language Arts)
Lesson 8: On Love (English Language Arts)
Lesson 9: On Good and Evil (English Language Arts)
Lesson 10: On Death (English Language Arts)

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