Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops

The five short films of Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops use stunning video, interviews with leading climate scientists, and thoughtful narration by Richard Gere, to educate viewers on key feedback loops greatly accelerating climate change. These films are perfect for the classroom and available for free when you click the Stream Movie button below.


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The five short films that comprise Climate Emergencies: Feedback Loops are available to stream for free for your classroom or home school setting. Simply, click here for the films!
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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: Forests (Environmental Science, Biology)
Lesson 2: Permafrost (Environmental Science, Biology, Earth Science)
Lesson 3: Atmosphere (Environmental Science, Earth Science)
Lesson 4: Albedo (Environmental Science, Earth Science)
Lesson 5: Regreening (Environmental Science, Service Learning)

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