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Home / Lesson Plans / The Way Home – Curriculum Guide

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The Way Home - Curriculum Guide

About this Package

This interdisciplinary curriculum guide for educators based on the film "The Way Home" includes 11 lesson plans that cover math, science, language arts, social studies, media literacy, visual arts and specialty areas.

  1. Social Studies | The Republic of Korea
  2. General Cross-Cultural Understanding | Silent Speech
  3. Media Literacy | Viewing The Way Home
  4. Visual Literacy | Protagonist-Antagonist
  5. Social Studies-Language Arts | Confucian Values
  6. Media Literacy | Juxtaposition
  7. Film-Specific Cross-Cultural Understanding | At Home in Korea
  8. Social Studies, Economics | The Trade Game
  9. Mathematics | Using Graphs
  10. Science | How We Produce Sound
  11. Visual Arts | Korean Fighter Shield Kites

Additional themes explored through the guide are:

  • Urban / Rural Dichotomy
  • (South Korea) Inter-generational Conflict
  • Culture Change through Generations
  • Globalization
  • Coming of Age / Responsibility
  • South Korean Traditions and Culture

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