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Why do some people rise to power and others do not? Why do we fall in love — not just with romantic partners but with friends and strangers? How has our need to share beliefs built human culture? At a time when global events seem to be driving cultures apart, National Geographic's The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman aims to answer these questions and reveals the common humanity that lies inside each one of us. Each episode of the six-part series explores a fundamental force or topic: freedom, peace, love, social division, power and rebellion. Along the way Freeman meets and speaks with powerful world leaders, ordinary people with extraordinary stories and everyone in between. This discussion guide has been prepared to help you understand more about what you see on the screen and to follow up with additional reading on the topics that stir your interest as you yourself consider “the ties that bind us and the common humanity inside us.”


Episode 1: The March of Freedom
Episode 2: The Fight for Peace
Episode 3: The Power of Love
Episode 4: Us and Them
Episode 5: The Power of Us
Episode 6: The Spirit of Rebellion


The Story of Us - Discussion Guide