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Home / Lesson Plans / The Dhamma Brothers – Curriculum Guide

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The Dhamma Brothers - Curriculum Guide

About this Package

grapple with the themes and ideas presented in an interactive way.

The lessons encourage critical thinking and deep discourse, inspiring students to ponder the complex issues surrounding the US prison system. Lessons cover a broad range of subjects, including theology, stress management, philosophy, sociology, social justice, life skills, genocide studies, psychology and education.

The curriculum guide is organized in a way that allows the film to be incorporated into multiple settings in addition to High School and University classes. For example, it has been used in prison theological certificate classes, discussions of the American Penal Code, Community College courses on world religions, library screenings, and a 120-day treatment program for high risk youth.

  1. Getting to Know the Dhamma Brothers | Film Literacy
  2. Prison Writing | Literature
  3. Meditation and the Human Brain | Psychology, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Neurology
  4. Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation | Psychology; History; Religious Studies
  5. American Prisons Today: A Statistical Study | Social Studies; Criminal Justice; Sociology
  6. Racial Disparities in Representation and Sentencing
  7. Rehabilitation Programs in Correctional Facilities
  8. Beginning Meditation | An Experiential Lesson

Additional Themes explored in this guide are:

  • The power of meditation
  • The hero's journey archetype
  • Prison stereotypes
  • An introduction to Buddhism
  • The U.S. prison system
  • Prison reform
  • Disparities in sentencing
  • Mindfulness

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