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About this Package


Beat the Drum Lesson 10: Chronic Illness and Disability in the Classroom (Health)
Children of Heaven Lesson 9: Iran: The Land of Earthquakes (Science)
Hidden Figures Lesson 2: Sputnik and the Origins of the Space Race (Social Studies, Science)
Hidden Figures Lesson 8: The Women of Science (Science, History, Career Readiness)
Like Stars on Earth Lesson 5: How the Brain Works (Science)
Lesson 1: Learning About Mars Through Space Exploration: Past, Present, and Future (History, Science, Social Studies)
Lesson 3: The Hazards of Mars: Programming an Interactive Story (Creative Writing, Programming, Science)
Lesson 4: Terraforming: Making Mars More Like Earth (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science)
Please Vote for Me Lesson 5: Investigating Rice (Science)
The Cup Lesson 9: Energy Sources and Resources (Science)
The Dhamma Brothers
Lesson 7: Meditation and the Human Brain (Psychology / Biology/ Anatomy / Physiology / Neurology)
The Way Home Lesson 10: How We Produce Sound (Science)
Whale Rider Lesson 8: Echolocation (Science)

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