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Home / Lesson Plans / Please Vote for Me – Curriculum Guide

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Please Vote for Me - Curriculum Guide

About this Package

This interdisciplinary curriculum guide for educators based on the film "Please Vote for Me" includes 8 lesson plans that cover math, science, language arts, social studies, media literacy, visual arts and specialty areas.

  1. Social Studies (Geography and World History) | The Land of China
  2. Social Studies (Civics) | A Lesson in Democracy
  3. Language Arts | Chinese Characters
  4. Mathematics | Chinese Number Rods: Integer Calculations
  5. Science | Investigating Rice
  6. Visual Arts | Folk Art: Chinese Papercuts (Jianzhi)
  7. A Glimpse of Chinese Culture
  8. About Documentary Films

Additional themes explored through the guide are:

  • Principles of Democracy
  • Chinese traditions
  • Family structure
  • Individualism and collectivism
  • Visible culture and cultural values

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