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Home / Lesson Plans / Discussion Guide – National Geographic’s Gender Revolution

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Discussion Guide - National Geographic's Gender Revolution

As the title of this discussion guide suggests, traditional ideas about gender are undergoing a sea change in the 21st century. In a special edition of National Geographic (published January 2017), you will find articles about such diverse topics as the science behind gender, the various ways that different cultures mark a boy’s transition to manhood, the risks girls face in many countries, and the status of gender equality internationally. A companion video of the same name, produced by Katie Couric, further extends the viewer’s understanding of gender. This guide draws upon both these resources to help users clarify their own knowledge and attitudes about gender and to promote discussion of how gender develops, how families can talk with their children about gender, the role of gender in the larger culture, and the next steps we can take to promote inclusion and acceptance in an increasingly diverse world.


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