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One Strange Rock

This episodic documentary series tells the story of Earth’s history from a planetary perspective. Within our solar system, planet Earth is utterly unique among the planets, moons, and dwarf planets found there. Only Earth has a breathable atmosphere, the ability to “heal” itself following planetary bombardment in its early history and more recent “extinction events,” and large amounts of liquid water on its surface.


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Curriculum Guide

Lesson 1: A Tour of the Solar System (Earth Science, Geology, Biology, General Science)
Lesson 2:  The Goldilocks Planets (Earth Science, Geology, Biology, General Science)
Lesson 3: The Soil Is “Alive”: The Gaia Hypothesis (Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry)
Lesson 4: Mighty Microbes (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry)
Lesson 5: The History of Life (History, Geology, Biology, Chemistry)
Lesson 6: Seeing Earth From Space (Creative Writing, English, Social Studies)
Lesson 7: The History of the Space Program (History, Physics, Social Studies)
Lesson 8: The Air We Breathe (Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Social Studies)

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