Journeys in Film’s amplification of the power of storytelling through film and media content expands as our first After-School Film Club launches in Florida this September. Programming for the film club centers around youth action and social justice. As such, we curated a diverse slate of short films. These films highlight the work of young people all over the world. Furthermore, we are offering support for the student-led group with guiding questions for thoughtful discussions. The club’s goal is to empower, inspire and engage students in their journey toward youth leadership. 

Promotional flyer image for film club featuring the Journeys in Film logo and a movie style sign with text: Watch movies, make a difference, come join the inside the sign and then the after school film club text below

The club reflects Journeys in Film’s mission to educate the next generation to be globally competent and socially active. Additionally, it underscores the power of film to broaden perspectives and encourage empathy and action.

We hope this pilot program will be the first of many, empowering students to develop media literacy and create meaningful discussions around issues important to participants.  So, if you want us to consult with you or develop a program for your community group or after-school club, reach out, we are here for you!  Email: directly to learn more.

In sum, this initiative reflects our understanding that education happens everywhere. Learning communities, film clubs, book clubs, library discussion groups and homeschooling cooperatives provide powerful and important opportunities for discovery and growth. This is why we create discussion guides, in addition to our standards-based curriculum guides, which you can find our resource library. These discussion materials are designed with a wide array of communities in mind. 

Discussion Guides for Learning Communities

Discussion guides are available for the following films. Click on the title of the film to be directed to the film’s resource page and add the discussion guide to your cart. All guides are free and simply require a Journeys in Film account. We’ve also noted where the film is available to stream or rent for your convenience (streaming links take you to the services landing page). 

America Inside Out/National Geographic’s The Race Issue (streaming on Disney Plus)

The Boy Who Harness the Wind (streaming on Netflix)

Bridge of Spies (streaming on Fubo or AMC+, available to rent via most services)

Crip Camp (streaming on Netflix. It is also available on Youtube, with closed captions optional and open captions and audio description)

JANE (streaming on Disney Plus, available to rent via most services)

From the Ashes (click here for watch options)

LA92 (available to rent via most services)

Genius (streaming on Disney Plus and Hulu, available to rent via most services)

Gender Revolution (streaming on Disney Plus and Fubo)

He Named Me Malala  (available to rent through most services)

Hidden Figures (streaming on Disney Plus and for rent through most services)

Know How (streaming through Kanopy, available to rent through AppleTV)

Navalny (available for institutions through Good Docs, for home viewing via CNN Films/Amazon Prime)

Out of the Dark  (streaming through Tubi, Peacock and others, rent through various services)

Queen of Katwe  (streaming on Disney Plus, available to rent through most services)

Story of God with Morgan Freeman (streaming on Fubo, available to rent from AppleTV and Amazon)

Story of Us with Morgan Freeman (available to rent from AppleTV and Amazon)

Unzipped: An Autopsy of American Inequality  (a community learning guide is available with actionable items regarding affordable housing; the film is available On Demand Through Vimeo)

Youth v Gov (available for institutions through Good Docs, for home viewing on Netflix)


Written by Jennifer Fischer