Category: Equity and Inclusion

Free Resources for Women's History Month
January 30, 2023

Free Resources for Women's History Month -- The Power of Film As we know, film is a powerful resource for engaging and inspiring students. These free resources for women's history month all take advantage of the power of film. They include core-based lesson plans fully prepared and ready for immediate classroom use as they highlight the stories of women who are or were important changemakers, thought leaders, scholars, scientists and much more. We...

Teaching with Film for Black History Month
January 11, 2023

Teaching with Film for Black History Month AND Every Month As educators and communities seek to highlight Black history during the month of February, we want to highlight our free curriculum guides and discussion guides for powerful films for your classroom. These films  tell important stories of Black joy, Black history, Black resilience, Black achievement and much more. Teaching with film for Black History Month, or at any time of the year,...

Differentiated Learning: Journeys in Film Resources & Basic Tips
December 20, 2022

Different Learning: Journeys in Film Resources Differentiated learning—adapting classroom techniques to maximize learning for students at different levels and with different learning strengths and weaknesses—has always been important for educators. At Journeys in Film, our teachers write lessons that are accessible to a wide range of students. Further, our writers understand that individual teachers, who know the strengths and weaknesses of...

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