Did you know you can teach math with film? For Mathematics and Statistics Month in April, we’re highlighting some of our favorite math teaching tools. Our free film teaching guides feature classroom-ready lesson plans across the curriculum suitable for grade 4 all the way to grade 12 — including math lessons!

Our most popular math lesson is part of our Hidden Figures Curriculum Guide, about The Math of Space Travel: Orbits and Conic Sections, for grades 9 to 12. You can download the full Hidden Figures guide from our library, or get this lesson on its own from Share My Lesson.

Children of Heaven features two math lessons:  Lesson 8: Keeping Secrets and Lesson 9: Iran: The Land of Earthquakes.

Like Stars on Earth Lesson 4 explores the math of Determining Your Grade.

Please Vote for Me Lesson 4 introduces students to Integer Calculations with Chinese Number Rods.

The Cup Lesson 9 looks at the math of The Value of Money.

The Way Home Lesson 9 teaches students about Using Graphs.

Whale Rider Lesson 9 shows students how to Count the Uncountable with Fermi problems, using examples from the film.

Get your free math lesson plans from our library and liven up your math classes today!

Collage of film covers for the cup, Wale Rider, Children of Heave, Please Vote for Me, Like Stars on Earth, The Way Home, and Walden. In the center, text says: "April is Math and Stats Month. Teach Math with Film! Free Math Lesson Plans Grades 4-12. JourneysInFilm.org."