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Journeys in Film’s upcoming curriculum guide for Schindler’s List will deepen students’ knowledge of the context in which Nazism arose and the process by which Hitler established his racial policies. Participants will move beyond understanding one man to an exploration of brave souls who tried to save those Hitler was persecuting and others who take similar stands against oppression, mass violence or genocide today. The lessons will also incorporate resources from USC Shoah Foundation.

While most of the curriculum focuses on lessons for social studies or language arts classes, there are also several lessons that encourage student creativity. Educators will be resourced to support students in studying the techniques that Spielberg used in directing his masterpiece and create mini-documentaries of their own. In doing so, they come to understand that heroes are ordinary people who make the right choice.

  1. The Long History of Anti-Semitism (Social Studies, English)
  2. Nazism in Germany and the Building of the “Racial State” (Social Studies)
  3. The Man Who Was Oskar Schindler (Social Studies)
  4. Resistance (Social Studies)
  5. “The Righteous Gentile” (Social Studies, English)
  6. In the Spirit of Schindler (Social Studies, Speech)
  7. The Art of Steven Spielberg (Visual Literacy)
  8. The Making of Schindler’s List
  9. Anti-Semitism Today

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