Celebrate Islam with film for Ramadan and all year round with these films that center Muslim stories plus our free teaching guides.

Children of Heaven

The film poster for Children of Heaven appears over an orange background. Th poser shows silhouettes of a boy and girl under a blue sky full of goldfish. Vertical white text says "Celebrate Islam with Film."

Children of Heaven follows an Iranian brother and sister and their adventures over a lost pair of shoes. The film showcases both modern and tradition Tehran and portrays a loving family trying to do their best.

Our free Children of Heaven Curriculum Guide for grades 4-12 includes an introduction to the Islamic Republic of Iran

He Named Me Malala

The poster for He Named Me Malala appears over a hot pink background. The poster shows Malala as a young girl in a deep pink headscarf over an illustration of an open book whose pages turn into birds and fly away. White vertical text on the side says: "Celebrate Islam with Film."

He Named Me Malala follows events leading up to the Taliban’ attack on Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai for speaking out on girls’ education, followed by the aftermath, including her speech to the United Nations.

Our free He Named Me Malala Curriculum Guide for grades 7-12 includes a lesson about examining Malala’s iconic Nobel Peace Prize address.

The Neighborhood Storyteller

The film poster for The Neighborhood Storyteller appears over a bright green background. The poster shows Asmaa Rashed, a young Syrian woman, in khaki hijab, looking off camera with a serious expression. Vertical white text along the side says: "Celebrate Islam with Film."In The Neigbhorhood Storyteller, a young Syrian woman in a refugee camp in Jordan embarks on a read-aloud project to raise a new generation of successful young women.

Our The Neighborhood Storyteller Teaching Guide features connections to Muzoon: A Syrian Refugee Speaks Out by Muzoon Almellehan with Wendy Pearlman, for educators interested in doing a film-book pairing for grades 5-12.


The film poster for Wadjda appears over a deep purple background. The poster shows a young Saudi girl, bare-headed, tying the purple shoelaces o her hightop sneaker. White vertical text along the side says: "Celebrate Islam with Film".In Wadjda, a young Saudi girl signs up for her school’s Quran recitation competition as a way to raise the funds she needs in order to buy the bicycle of her dreams.

Our free Wadjda Curriculum Guide for grades 6-12 features a lesson with an introduction to the Quran.

The Story of God

The film poster for The Story of God with Morgan Freeman appears over a yellow background. The posters shows Morgan Freeman seated in a relaxed pose in front of a wall covered in religious symbols. Black vertical text along the side says: "Celebrate Islam with Film."National Geographic’s docuseries The Story of God with Morgan Freeman sheds a brilliant light on the remarkable and unmistakable similarities among different faiths.

The section on Islam in our free The Story of God Curriculum Guide for or grades 4-12 includes an introduction to Muslim beliefs and practices, highlights arts of the Islamic world, explores Islamic empires, and examines Islam’s rich contributions to science.


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Collage of film posters over colorful backgrounds for The Neighborhood Storyteller, Children of Heaven, He Named Me Malala, and Wadjda. On the left side, vertical text says: "Celebrate Islam with Film." The Journeys in Film logo is at the bottom.