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What to Teach in January
January 5, 2024

Here are guides and other suggestions for educators, homeschooling individuals, community groups, and others for what to teach in January!  January Teaching Highlights January is National Mentoring Month. Queen of Katwe is the perfect film to inspire a new generation of mentors. January 15-19, 2024 is GLSEN No Name-Calling Week. Like Stars on Earth is a powerful film to start conversations about bullying. January 1 is the anniversary of...

Updated Schindler's List Curriculum Guide for Teachers - Revised Antisemitism Lesson
November 28, 2023

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Schindler's List, we're sharing a special edition Schindler's List curriculum guide. This updated Schindler's List Curriculum Guide for teachers includes a revised antisemitism lesson. This free teaching resource also includes lessons on Nazism in Germany, resistance during the Holocaust, the making of Schindler’s List, and more. Join us in celebrating this beloved Oscar-winning film and its enduring message of...

My Mother's Story of Survival
May 12, 2023

Clara Haras Strahl: Transcribed from a videotape by her daughters, Joanne Ashe and Pepi Strahl (Excerpted from My Story, February 2023, Vol. 29) " I was born in 1924, on January 16, in Tarnopol, Poland. I had two sisters and two brothers. We were all two years apart. My sister, Regina, was two years younger than me. She was very sweet. lssua didn't want to study. Hannale was younger, and Shulum was the youngest. We lived in one house, together...

Big Sonia - Now Available on PBS Through 2025
April 14, 2022

Big Sonia is now available on PBS for the next three years! This makes the film even more accessible for your classroom use. Our free curriculum guide for the film features 5 lessons. These include an introduction to the Holocaust, an oral history assignment and more. This incredible film is 96 years in the making. It's a film you don't want your students to miss. Certainly, Sonia’s enormous personality masks the horrors she endured. At 15 she...

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