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Journeys in Film welcomes collaboration among like-minded organizations. Our goal is to be instrumental in helping to shape a national plan for film-based education that is researched, comprehensive and consistent.

We are particularly interested in issues of evaluation and technology. How do we best measure the impact of films in the classroom? What are the best platforms for effectively and economically providing access to our programs?

Working together, we can make a greater impact by:

  • Preparing more teachers with best practices and tools
  • Reaching more classrooms; thereby, graduating more globally competent students
  • Developing more classroom materials
  • Broadening film as an educational tool

Existing Partnerships

Journeys in Film is working in partnership with USC Rossier School of Education to:

  • To establish the first and only University Center at USC dedicated to Teaching with Film
  • To harness the power of film, television and media to educate the next generation to be globally and culturally knowledgeable
  • To reach thousands more teachers and millions more students in the U.S. and internationally
  • To help prepare future teachers
  • To provide on-going educational training and materials to all teachers
  • To provide 12 new curricula for 12 carefully selected films annually
  • To bring together scholars, researchers, filmmakers and media specialists to teach across all disciplines
  • To measure the social qualitative effect with quantitative data
  • To be instrumental in shaping a national plan for film-based education that is researched, comprehensive and consistent.

Through this partnership, we can benefit from the resources of a great university and one of the 20 top ranking Graduate Schools of Education in the United States.

The Rossier School of Education is part of the University of Southern California, one of the world’s leading private research universities. We are located in the heart of Los Angeles, one of the most exciting and dynamic American cities and a unique global hub in the Pacific Rim. This offers students a rich urban environment in which to learn, as well as many international opportunities for research and study. At USC, students come from all 50 states and 110 other countries, including more than 5,000 international students each academic year. USC Rossier students also bring a diversity of perspectives informed both by age and by work and life experience.

Facing History and Ourselves



Facing History and Ourselves and Journeys in Film both share the common goal of educating students of diverse backgrounds about contemporary and historical issues in order to encourage them to make wise and moral decisions as global citizens. Our partnership achieves these goals by creating resources that enable educators to bring high-quality feature films into the classroom. Through our specialized programs, we cultivate critical thinking, moral and ethical reflection through debate, discussion and writing about the content, context and themes of those films. Together, JiF and FHAO will select projects that enhance each organization’s mission. The resources JiF and FHAO develop will promote civic reflection, cultural sensitivity and historical thinking skills.  In order for joint projects to reach the largest audiences possible, both organizations will participate in outreach efforts to make these educational materials available nationally and internationally.

Journeys in Film has partnered with Teachers Without Borders to provide teachers around the world web-based training resources to use film to teach for global understanding.

Teachers Without Borders is a leading nonprofit in the field of international education and teacher professional development. Founded in 2000, the organization believes that teachers are the natural and obvious key to human welfare. With over 6,000 members from more than 180 countries, TWB supports teachers by gathering and creating free and open educational resources; empowering the voices of teachers and community leaders; and nurturing partnerships from the village to the government. All TWB content is derived from the collective wisdom of our teacher members, and not a broadcast model of right answers. For more information and to sign up as a member for free, visit our website at www.teacherswithoutborders.org.


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Please contact us to explore possible ideas for partnership ideas