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Journeys in Film is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible nonprofit organization.

We have changed from a cost-recovery model to a fundraising model, and we now rely on donations to develop and distribute film-based curricula that help prepare America’s students for the future.

For every $25,000 we are able to raise, we will create a new film-based curriculum guide with robust lesson plans, and make it available to teachers for free.  This means that educators can access film-based social studies, geography, math, scienceart lesson plans and more – and teach their students about the world in the process. At no cost!

We welcome your gift in any amount as every donation will help us increase our impact:

  1. Type 1000 to donate US $1000.00

You may also purchase or gift a set of Journeys in Film curriculum guides or a professional development workshop to a school of your choice.

Donations of over $10,000 can be earmarked for program advancement. For example, this past year larger donations allowed us to:

  • Develop a new middle school curriculum guide based on film Like Stars on Earth, exploring India’s vibrant history and culture as well as learning differences present in classrooms around the world.
  • Conduct a three-day intensive professional development and program planning workshop with 70 Newark Public Schools, New Jersey, educators and administrators, including distribution of curricular materials to 14 schools.

Please contact us directly if you are able to make a donation of over $10,000 or send a check to:

Journeys in Film
50 Sandia Lane
Placitas, NM 87043

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Films & Lesson Plans
Defiant Requiem
Experience the power of the human spirit to create art and beauty under the most deplorable circumstances of the Holocaust.
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The Dhamma Brothers
Witness the transformative power of spiritual practice inside a maximum security prison of the deep south.
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Please Vote for Me
Share a thought-provoking lesson on Democracy with your students, and discover Chinese culture and more along the way.
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Children of Heaven
Help your students understand cultures of the Middle East through Iranian cuisine, geography, and other social studies lessons.
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Beat the Drum
Follow young Musa's quest for survival, understanding, and community while learning about HIV/AIDS.
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Whale Rider
Explore cultural changes across generations, as young Pai becomes the first female leader of a Maori community.
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The Way Home
Teach students about inter-generational conflict and globalization.
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The Cup
Immerse your students in the traditions and culture of Tibet through this award-winning film.
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Like Stars On Earth
Explore India’s culture through Bollywood and a young boy's struggle with dyslexia and bullying.
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