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Free Resources for Women's History Month
January 30, 2023

Free Resources for Women's History Month -- The Power of Film As we know, film is a powerful resource for engaging and inspiring students. These free resources for women's history month all take advantage of the power of film. They include core-based lesson plans fully prepared and ready for immediate classroom use as they highlight the stories of women who are or were important changemakers, thought leaders, scholars, scientists and much more. We...

Celebrating Women in History Through Film
March 8, 2022

Every year on March 8th, the world celebrates International Women's Day. This holiday highlights gender inequities. Moreover, it also draws attention to the importance of a world free of bias, discrimination and stereotypes. Additionally, March is Women's History Month. Both provide opportunities for educators to highlight and celebrate women in history in their classrooms. We provide free resources to achieve this goal through the use of film. We...

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