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I wouldn’t make fun of kids who were different from me if I knew more about where they came from.
7th grade student, Pilot Project participant


What I liked about the film was the fact that we got to learn about another country without having to read a book. It’s better when you can actually see it happening.
Katie Shore, 7th grade

By viewing foreign films, you can learn about other cultures. I think it’s good to learn about other countries. I hope to see more foreign films this year so that if I visit that spot, I will have some knowledge as to what’s going on.
Andre Parker, 7th grade


I liked all of the foreign movies we have watched. During these movies I have experienced and found things out about different ways of life and cultures. Things I have learned are not to judge people by their gender, the way they look or the color of their skin. I have learned how to travel to different places and not be lonely because I am different than everyone. Never judge people and get to know who they are. Journeys in Film is FANTASTIC!
Kayla King, 7th grade


Journeys in Film has taught me that I should be thankful and blessed for everything I have. We have the same problems and confusion here in America. I can understand why foreigners think we’re stuck up because we think we’re the best. So maybe we can help countries in need and there will be peace and love.
– Brittany Rendrick, 7th grade