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Journeys in Film offers the film community the opportunity to reach an untapped market with an innovative approach to bringing films into the classroom. Filmmakers can broaden their audiences for features and documentaries that have the potential to provoke thoughtful discussions of universal, timeless, and critical topics, creating compelling learning experiences for hundreds of thousands of students.

We partner with producers, directors, production companies, and studios to create interdisciplinary, core curriculum guides based on narrative and documentary films for educators, parents, and community youth groups. All of our resources are provided free of charge to the public and accessible via our website (non-exclusive).

Journeys in Film serves over 50,000 educators worldwide.

Curriculum Development

Our team of top-notch educational experts and subject-area specialists will work with you to ensure that we cover the topics that are important to you. We then develop a proposal for the curriculum/discussion guide together with a budget. It takes approximately 10 weeks for the final product to be completed.

Teacher Training

Customized workshops for educators and administrators with specialized instruction help to maximize our prepared curricula and teach them how to integrate film into core educational standards for all subjects.


Educators, leaders of after-school programs, boys and girls clubs, church groups, and homeschoolers receive free online access to the curriculum guides. Â We promote each new film-based curriculum guide through our website, online advertising, extensive email list, and social media.


Please contact us for more information about how we can best customize an educational plan for a specific film.