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Journeys in Film is helping to shape a national plan for film education that is comprehensive and deliberate.

We harness the power of film to enrich the educational experience of today’s students, by developing film-based study guides across school subjects that help teachers prepare students to live and work as informed, media-literate and globally competent citizens.

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Film In the Classroom

The film industry is undergoing rapid changes in how it delivers content to viewers. It is easier now, more than ever, for teachers to access films for classroom teaching.  Filmmakers are able to broaden their audiences for films that can provoke thoughtful discussions of universal, timeless topics.  And create powerful learning experiences for young students.

At the same time, there is a surge of interest in teaching with film and other new media and digital platforms.  Forward-thinking leaders in education are supporting innovation in teaching methods and professional development services for their teachers.

How It Works

The key to using movies for education is the quality of the lesson plans and discussions that follow after the lights go on.  Journeys in Film has developed an innovative and interdisciplinary template to use film as an intellectual framework for teaching core academics in America’s schools.

We use film as springboards for developing interdisciplinary lesson plans in subjects ranging from math, science, language arts and social studies to topics that have become critical for students to learn more about – like environmental sustainability, poverty and hunger, global health and immigration.

Standards-Based Lesson Plans

Although many teachers have used film in their classrooms, very few have been trained to teach with film. And while there are many companion materials for film to choose from – discussion guides, lessons based on the film subject, film-making techniques, etc – very few have specifically been developed for use in the classroom.  And very few follow core standards.

Journeys in Film follows the excellent McREL Online Compendium of K-12 standards to develop our curricula. Each lesson in the Journeys in Film units is written to meet one or more of the standards and indicators listed by McREL. Our lesson plans are also aligned to the new common-core standards.

Submit Your Film today.  If selected by Journeys in Film, it can reach tens of thousands of young students across the United States.