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Journeys in Film has been a leading force in global education and teaching with film for over a decade. We combine the power of moving and provocative films with the highest quality standards-based lesson plans to inspire and engage students in learning.

What We Do

1. Select Films. Our team reaches into the global film market to find feature-length, narrative and documentary films to engage students in active learning. We look for films that are meaningful and mind-expanding, age-appropriate and provocative. Some of the films tell stories of young people from faraway countries and cultures. Some explore issues such as poverty, the plight of refugees, the Holocaust, freedom of the press, gender equity, climate change and pandemics.

Many films find their way to us via companies and studios that know our innovative program and want their brand associated with the quality of the educational curriculum and outreach we provide.

2. Develop Curriculum Guides. Using films as springboards for interdisciplinary lesson plans, a team of top-notch educational experts, subject-area specialists and editors come together to develop high-quality curricula for teaching core academic subjects. Students move beyond engrossing movie narratives toward deeper learning.

3. Professional Development for Teachers. Educators receive specialized instruction to maximize our prepared curricula and learn how to use film in the classroom in ways that meet core educational standards. We offer one, two and three-day workshop options. We are currently creating online professional development courses and webinars in the fundamentals of teaching with film, as well as film specific courses.

4. Teach Empathy and Global Competency. Journeys in Film has selected powerful age-appropriate documentaries and international films that offer windows into our world. The films transport students beyond borders and boundaries. They move beyond lectures and textbooks to provide insight, transform preconceptions and prejudices, and foster genuine cultural understanding.

5. Teach Social Awareness and Current Global Issues. Journeys in Film has had the privilege to develop enriching lesson plans for subjects ranging from math, science, language arts and social studies to topics like environmental sustainability, hunger, global health, diversity, gender equity and media literacy.

Journeys in Film directly addresses educators’ most pressing concerns by providing ready-to-implement curricula that comply with the latest educational standards and teaches 21st-century skills by reaching all students with materials and films that speak directly to their interests.