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Spring is right around the corner, and schools and libraries across North America are preparing for World Cinema Week (WCW). Celebrated in Canada and the United States, high schools, universities, libraries, and colleges host this celebration, which takes place from April 16 through April 20 in 2012.

World Cinema Week Highlights Global Education

The goal in this global learning initiative is to use film to educate viewers and expand overall global culture understanding. Each venue chooses a minimum of three thought-provoking films to show during the week. In addition to the viewings, the venues utilize discussion guides and lesson plans to delve into the heart of each film.

Using a Global Education Curriculum for Middle School

If the idea behind World Cinema Week sounds familiar to you, it might be because this is what Journeys in Film has been doing for over a decade. Global learning is a key element in the Journeys in Film mission.

The curriculum guides for middle school use selected films to delve into social studies, science, language arts, and math. The educational team has a wealth of experience including more than 30 years of experience in coordinating, designing, and creating the educational materials.

Teachers and Students Benefit From Global Learning Curriculum

Instead of sifting through dry textbooks or old documentaries, students connect with characters in film such as The Way Home. They might find that they truly relate to the young boy in South Korea as he leaves modern luxuries behind in order to go help his ailing grandmother.

While the students enjoy a good story they can relate with, teachers know the students are really getting a lesson on globalization and urban/rural dichotomy. The global education guides that come with the films from Journeys in Film merge into teachers’ existing lessons, utilizing core standards. That means teachers don’t have to make extra time to squeeze in lessons beyond the normal load.

The middle school curriculum is available to educators year-round. Many of the resources available to teachers are free, including a free “Notes to the Teacher”””– a useful complement to any of our curriculum guides.

While it’s exciting to celebrate World Cinema Week, the learning from film experience doesn’t have to stop there. Check out Journeys in Film middle school global education curriculum to continue the journey in global learning.


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