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Free Curriculum Guide Available for New Animated Film Based on The Prophet

The Prophet—Khalil Gibran’s philosophical masterpiece that has sold over 100 million copies and been translated into 40 languages—is being introduced to a new generation through the creation of the animated film Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet, opening in theaters around the U.S. this month.

Starring Salma Hayek, Liam Neeson, and Quvenzhané Wallis, Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet tells the story of exiled artist and poet Mustafa, his housekeeper Almitra, and Almitra’s free-spirited daughter Kamila. As Mustafa prepares to leave this seaside Mediterranean village to return home, the townspeople he meets along the way ask for his thoughts on a variety of topics—from love and friendship to war and death.

Roger Allers, best known for directing The Lion King, is both the writer and director for this new film. A team of artists and animators from around the globe worked together to bring this story to the big screen. Award-winning musicians, including Yo-Yo Ma and Glen Hansard, also worked on the soundtrack.

Springboard for Engaging Classroom Discussions and Lessons

Gibran’s poetic verses have been transformed into this colorful story that can be enjoyed by moviegoers of all ages—including middle and high school students. Teachers are encouraged to use this new film to start classroom discussions on the topics covered throughout. To help start those discussions, teachers can download a free copy of The Prophet Curriculum Guide, a 110-page resource with standards-based lesson plans and activities.

The Curriculum Guide includes interdisciplinary lessons that encourage both critical thinking and creativity. It provides an overview of Gibran’s life and work, reproducible materials for students, and a range of recommended resources. Teachers can download their free copy at http://journeysinfilm.org/download/the-prophet-curriculum-guide/.

Salma Hayek, who voices Almitra, is also a producer of Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet. She has been working on adapting the book to film for years because it is a personal passion for her. She discovered The Prophet as a young child; her Lebanese grandfather kept a copy by his bedside. Although she was too young to read it then, she returned to the book as a teenager and became captivated by its words.

Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet is premiering in a select number of cities around the country. To see if the film is coming to a theater near you, visit the film’s website at www.gibransprophetmovie.com. As an added bonus, GKIDS is offering special group sales opportunities exclusively for teachers and their students with the possibility for discounted group rates for 10 or more, and private screening for large groups. For more information, please reach out to Sarah Dunn at sarah@gkids.com or 212-528-0500.

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