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  • One Strange Rock – Curriculum Guide

    One Strange Rock – Curriculum Guide

     THE SERIES Narrated by astronauts, the only persons to have had the opportunity to see our home planet from space, the National Geographic documentary...

  • The Race Issue – Discussion Guide

    The Race Issue – Discussion Guide

    THE MAGAZINE The Race Issue | National Geographic – April 2018 Discussing race in our learning environments is critical. Race is one social construct that...

  • The Story of Us – Discussion Guide

    The Story of Us – Discussion Guide

    THE SERIES Why do some people rise to power and others do not? Why do we fall in love — not just with romantic partners...

  • Jane – Discussion Guide (Tanzania)

    Jane – Discussion Guide (Tanzania)

    “There is a powerful force unleashed when young people resolve to make a change.” Jane Goodall THE FILM Drawing from over 100 hours of never-before-seen...

  • Genius – Discussion Guide

    Genius – Discussion Guide

    THE SERIES What is genius? How is it recognized? National Geographic’s dramatic series Genius explores these questions through the life of a man universally acclaimed...

  • National Geographic’s Gender Revolution

    National Geographic’s Gender Revolution

    Download the discussion guide for National Geographic’s Gender Revolution.

  • Gender Revolution – Discussion Guide

    Gender Revolution – Discussion Guide

    THE FILM & SPECIAL ISSUE In 2017, National Geographic magazine and the National Geographic Channel joined forces to help us all understand more about the...

  • MARS – Curriculum Guide

    MARS – Curriculum Guide

    THE EPISODIC SERIES Of all the planets in our solar system, none has captured our collective imagination like the red planet. Your students will follow...