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Journeys in Film is proud to announce the launch of our newest film-based curriculum guide, available for free, in honor of World Teacher’s Day.


World Teacher’s Day

Celebrated every year on October 5, World Teacher’s Day is the day where we recognize all the hard work teachers do in order to help educate. UNESCO set the date back in 1994, and the tradition continues. Journeys in Film celebrates both teachers and lessons on democracy with its latest curriculum offering, based on the film Please Vote for Me

The Film: Please Vote for Me

Set in China, Please Vote for Me was made as part of the Why Democracy? film project. Ten films exploring democracy were made by award-winning filmmakers and in 2007 the films were broadcast in over 180 countries. The films explored the nature of democracy.

Director Weijun Chen documented a different approach to democracy–an experiment tried in a third grade classroom Evergreen Elementary School in Wuhan, a city roughly the size of London and the largest city in formerly Communist central China.

In that school, a class monitor is charged with seeing that other children in the class are well-behaved and on task. Having selected three candidates who are running against each other hoping to become class monitor, the teacher, Mrs. Zhang, allowed the three children to run election campaigns to simulate a democratic election.

Our Curriculum Meets Common Core and McRel Standards

The Journeys in Film curriculum utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to expound upon the film’s message. Detailed lessons, already prepared for teachers, cover topics such as Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Visual Arts. From Chinese number rods to geography, the curriculum offers lessons for pre-viewing, viewing and post-viewing.

Journeys in Film knows that teachers everywhere work extremely hard to provide interesting, detailed lessons for students. One way to support this is by offering curriculum that meets national standards. This is why the Journeys in Film curriculum uses standards in offerings such as the Please Vote for Me curriculum.

In October we celebrate teachers (as we should all year long). In November we face elections.

It’s the perfect time to engage your class in lessons about democracy, and expose them to Chinese culture at the same time.

** Special support provided by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences