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International Education Week – Ideas and Resources

According to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, International Education Week, the joint initiative between the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of State “celebrates the benefits of understanding the world around us so we can better communicate and collaborate with others from different cultures.”

Classroom Activities

In recognition of this, International Education Week offers a list of 11 activities for educators in the K-12 category. The Journeys in Film program uses best practices in education and results-based methodology in well-designed curriculum guides that meet the top two suggestions for integrating global perspective into teaching and learning:

1) Incorporate information on a country or culture into your regular lesson plan, even if you don’t teach social studies.

2) Explore international aspects of the arts – music, film, theatre, visual arts, literature, dance – by creating, performing, or studying artworks with an international component. This could include a field trip to a museum or concert or showing a foreign film in class.

The six Journeys in Film titles immerse students in the cultures of Iran, India, South Africa, South Korea, Tibet, and New Zealand/Maori by featuring peer protagonists in real-life stories students relate to. The curriculum guides deepen the film experience by offering lessons in social studies, language arts, math, science, media literacy, visual arts and special studies.

Journeys in Film – travel around the world and return before the bell!


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