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School can be interesting and exciting? You bet. Set those textbooks aside for a while as you plan your homeschool lesson plans for the year. The lesson plans made available by Journeys in Film help educate students on important global issues and cultures, helping them feel personally connected with children around the world.

Homeschool Resources for Major Subject Areas

It’s true that Journeys in Film offers curriculum that offer innovative and engaging tools to explore other cultures, but the material also has to meet other criteria before it hits the website. Each of the homeschool resources must offer standards-based information for core subjects such as language arts, geography,social studies, math, science, media literacy and the arts. This is particularly ideal for those who appreciate an immersive approach in their homeschool lesson plans.

These homeschool lesson plans are designed with input from prominent educators, filmmakers and cultural specialists. It is based on the McRel standards (http://www.mcrel.org/compendium/browse.asp) and new Common Core standards so it’s applicable for all homeschoolers–no matter what state you live in while schooling.

This Homeschool Curriculum Appeals to Kids and Adults

Whether we like it or not, it’s a fact that we live in a media-driven society. Why not use this to our children’s advantage? Movies can open children’s eyes to other cultures and increase global awareness when used properly.

It’s not video babysitting or free, easy schooling. Rather, it’s guided learning that takes a student’s love of visual media and uses it as a springboard for learning in an age-appropriate manner. The homeschool curriculum booklets store neatly with other books and come with handouts and worksheets all bound together. Parents have access to teacher’s notes for teaching tools and tips.

How to Find the Journeys in Film Lesson Plans

It’s all in the store on the Journeys in Film website (http://www.journeysinfilm.org/support-our-work/). Many of the curriculum offerings are free. You can preview the homeschool resources and download the teacher’s notes right from the website.