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New Animated Film of Beloved Classic The Prophet Serves as Springboard for Engaging Classroom Activities

This school year, add a dynamic dimension to your classroom instruction certain to captivate your students by having them see the recently released animated film adaptation of the classic book The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

Created by artists, animators, and musicians from around the globe, Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet will help you make literature and the world of ideas come to life for your students.

A Versatile Teaching Tool

Whether you teach English/Language Arts, Social Studies, and other subjects such as visual and film literacy, this richly animated movie can serve as a springboard to a wide range of engaging learning experiences. To that end, a free 110-page The Prophet Curriculum Guide is now available to download.

Besides standards-based lessons—complete with ready-to-use handouts—related to the animated film, the Curriculum Guide also features a wealth of instructional activities related to other Kahlil Gibran poems.

Promoting Global Awareness and Understanding

A key objective of the educational outreach program behind the film version of The Prophet is to help educators–like you–prepare their students to participate in tomorrow’s global arena by developing an understanding of the world beyond their own borders. Films such as Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet offer innovative and engaging opportunities to explore other cultures and social issues, beyond the often negative images seen in print, television, and film media. In short, for today’s media-centric youth, film is an appropriate and effective teaching tool.

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