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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEBringing Hidden Figures to Light — and into the Classroom:  A new curriculum guide is released to teach students about science, history, and inclusion while encouraging young girls to enter STEM fields.

Created in a partnership between Journeys in Film, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and the USC Rossier School of Education, in conjunction with the DVD release of HIDDEN FIGURES on April 11, 2017, a new curriculum guide offers teachers interdisciplinary lessons plans based on the hit Academy Award-nominated film.

Los Angeles, CA — The film HIDDEN FIGURES has been a popular success, filling theaters and receiving many award nominations. Its subject is a previously unheralded group of women whose brilliance and dedication provided a foundation for the space program—the black women known as “human computers” who worked at the NASA Center in Langley, Virginia. Faced with obstacles to their own education and job prospects because of race and gender, these women succeeded and earned respect in a workplace dominated by male supervisors and colleagues and marked by segregated facilities, from office to restroom, that reflected life in the pre-civil rights era. Their lives modeled vital lessons in confidence, structural equity, and academic excellence that apply to all students today.

Journeys in Film harnesses the power of film to create educational programs that dramatically improve teaching and learning outcomes. Hidden Figures is ideally suited for use in the classroom, but teachers want students to do more with a film than passively view it. Journeys in Film has prepared eight comprehensive, standards-aligned lesson plans for secondary students. These interdisciplinary lesson plans can be used independently or through a team approach that gives students multiple lenses through which to consider the relevant historical and contemporary issues raised by the film.

For social studies classes, the first few lessons in this guide explore the context in which the events of Hidden Figures occur: the increasing animosity between Communist nations and the West, the pressure-filled milieu in which the women at Langley were working, the vital role served by the “human computers” in the space program, the costs of segregation, and the beginning of the modern civil rights movement. Math and science lessons explore scientific notation, conic sections, orbits,  and programming, and additional lessons analyze the film for theme and style, and encourage  students to women scientists in order to plan STEM recruitment programs.  

DOWNLOAD CURRICULUM GUIDE FREE OF CHARGE: journeysinfilm.org/films/hidden-figures


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ABOUT JOURNEYS IN FILM: Journeys in Film is a non-profit dedicated to advancing global understanding by harnessing the power of film to create educational programs that inspire learning and prepare the next generation for their future roles as knowledgeable, empathetic and culturally competent global citizens.  Carefully chosen feature films and documentaries are combined with the highest quality standards-based curricula and teachers are trained on how to effectively teach with film through professional development workshops and online classes. Journeys in Film’s programs engage students in meaningful examinations of human rights, poverty and hunger, stereotyping, environmental issues, global health, refugee issues, and gender roles, all while meeting today’s educational standards.

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