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We want to call to your attention a really exciting webinar series which USC Annenberg’s Media, Activism, and Participatory Politics (MAPP) research group is helping to organize in collaboration with the MacArthur Connected Learning Initiative, the Youth and Participatory Politics Network, Youth Radio, the Black Youth Project, and the Media Arts and Practices Division of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Over four webinars, you will be able to hear from line perspectives from a range of youth who are seeking to change the world.

This webinar series explores storytelling as a practice that bridges cultural and civic/political engagement. We define storytelling as a shared activity in which individuals and communities contribute to the telling, retelling, and remixing of narratives through various media channels. To create these stories, youth make use of various media including theater, photography, blogs, books and videos. Organized around the lifecycle of a story, this webinar series will explore the affordances and challenges of digital media for civic action by bringing together civically active youth to discuss how political narratives are created, produced, spread and recontextualized through “digital afterlife.” To encourage a fruitful discussion, we have invited people and groups who represent a broad range of perspectives and practices.

Webinar 1: Finding your story (Tues January 14 @10am PST)
Webinar 2: Making your story (Thurs January 16 @10am PST)
Webinar 3: Spreading your story (Tues January 21 @10am PST)
Webinar 4: Considering your story’s “afterlife” (Tues January 28 @10am PST)

More info: http://bit.ly/storytellingcivics